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Peek A Zoo Cubes


Build a tower of cubes and match the cards to solve each level.

They'll love it because:

  • The cubes are perfect for knocking over
  • The colours, shapes and pictures are really interesting
  • There are 60 challenges to try

Peek A Zoo Cubes - nesting cubes taken to a whole new level.

What looks like a set of traditional nesting cubes is actually one of our latest logic games. There are five cubes to play with, and yes, they nest, they stack and knocking them over is great fun. Each is made from strong card, so safe to play with whilst being really durable and covered in vibrant colours.

The difference comes when you start to work through the 48 challenge cards that come with it. These challenge ask you to replicate what is on the card with the cubes, but you will only be able to see some of the picture. The cubes that are nesting inside each other can only be seen through the gaps. They could be anyway up, in any order and only by trial and error will you find the right combination.

The levels get progressively more difficult and will really challenge them to think and will hold their attention too. The adults will all want to try, but this is one of those games where the children are often just better at it than we are.

This is a wonderful discovery toy which can be used in so many ways. Highly recommended by Whirligig! 

Watch this short video to see the game in action:

Who Is It For?

A logic game for children 2+ who can enjoy knocking the tower over or solving the puzzles.

How To Play

There are 5 nesting cubes made from strong card and 60 challenge cards included.

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